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Insurance broker for consulting engineers & architects

...with their companies and projects
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Manager Dirk Oster: "We handle over 10,000 companies, especially consulting engineers and architects. This makes us the german market leader in Planning Third Party Liability. About 70 staff members located in eight German cities offer a direct personalized service to our clients. Our special concept is the entire business spectrum of the construction and real estate fields and the consulting professions. As independent specialist agents we analyze risks and tailor-make insurance coverage to suit the customer needs. We place insurance where the terms are favourable and represents the customers interests in the event of a claim. We have claim adjusters who are located all over Germany to help with the defence of unjustified claims and the settlement of justified ones.

Our business service team offers various seminars and training programs for our customers. They open the door for our customers to improve their company´s efficiency and find new business contacts. The main recipe for success for our customers is innovation. We are at the cutting edge in this field of business."

Partner of associations

& Part of the worldwide Aon network*

Since the beginning in 1975, we have worked in partnership with the second biggest engineering consulting association in the world - the Association of Consulting Engineers ( VBI). Our connection with VBI and their 3,000 member-organisations has led to a large business impact on the market. We work with other important professional organisations such as the Association of German Master Builders, Architects and Engineers (BDB), the Federation of German Landscape Architects (BDLA) or the association of building companies for gardens, landscapes and sports fields.

(* Aon is a leading global provider of risk management, insurance  brokerage, human resources solutions and outsourcing solutions with 500 global offices in 120 countries across the world  with more than 50.000 employees. Through the world‘s largest proprietary database of insurance placement data Aon has insight into more than 110 $ billion  in  premiums and over 3000 multinational clients. Aon works with clients on risk identification and quantification to design the necessary insurance coverage to be transferred to the market at the best possible technical and economic conditions. Aon brings its experience to facilitate settlement of damages in the event of a claim.
Associations and Professions  - Across all the countries there are teams of specialists, highly qualified on a legal and technical basis,  focused on professional liability of individuals, associations or national bodies - such as our team in Germany. We are able to  transfer the risk to the insurance market paying attention to  any change of legal rules in each country. We also have our claims department, which is fully equipped to give the proper assistance to professionals in case of claims).

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